Open Message from Webmaster

From the Webmaster:

“Check website now for practice….!”  – H. Webber

As webmaster & budding chorister, I created Audio Practice for all of us….  I hope you like it… and it helps prepare us for December 2nd.

(It has a password, so here’s how to get in…)

Go to
   (You can Google “Snowdown Choir” if you wish.)

So load up the website, take a look around… kick the tires….
(Do you see the Menu “Audio Practice” Link? “Good”)

Note:  the Audio Practice link has a password
   ==>> — Ask Harlan —  phone number there to call (for now.)

    • Click  the menu link for “Audio Practice”, and enter that  password.

From inside, you can now practice the whole setlist, or just the tricky songs.

    • With one-click, run-through the whole concert set
    • Or pick and choose, and “swat-up” on any piece you want.

Remember, as Graham has said many times :

      • “do what works for you”
      • “you’ll get out of it what you put into”

I’ll work to improve things in the New Year, and beyond… but I hope that you can find things both good and simple to use today

Ongoing, we’ll welcome your feedback, ideas and support to make things great.