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FYI:  Members Subscription payment information

Account Name:  Snowdown Colliery Welfare Male Voice Choir
Account number: 26530863

Sort code: 30-99-50 (Lloyds Bank plc)

Annual £120.00 Due Oct 1 before AGM 
1/2 Year £60.00 Due Oct 1 before AGM &  Apr 1
1/4 Year£30.00 Due Oct 1 before AGM, Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1
Monthly£10.00 SO only. Starting Oct 1 before AGM
Student£25.00 Due Oct 1, before AGM 

How to use “accordions” on the page

Sample Agenda for Meeting 14 May 2024 (7:30 pm)

  • Ready for people who can’t make a meeting.

  • . 



And here is the Agenda



And here is the Draft Minutes from April 

Minor change , just remove HW from apologies, he was there
Plus one minor point typed in… discussed.. TBA: in final minutes.


Forgive the quality for now, I took a quick photo of Al’s paper, so I could read the print, so it is a bit fuzzy but usable…

Note from Harlan:  In February, I put three documents on this page (Appendix A) on Recruitment & Running Concert…

  • Has anyone looked at them… ;there must be things to learn…
  • Ideas from “experts” outside avoids tunnel vision from “us” inside.

Note from Harlan:  All Concert Secretary Plans are in the Google Drives

See top of this page for Drive Folders…

Click on Concerts & Trips; then Concert Plans….
(Easy enough, or no?) So 2 clicks and you see this:

Also, the Alkham Concert Pack is on this page…   You can look at it….  

    • Numbers are status quo, need much more work.  (Ideas in the Finance section…)

Treasurers Report Update points verbally.

Banktivity holds our accounts

First report

    • Asset Summary. (1 page that says a lot…!)
  • And in the next two items. 
    • Net Worth Report
    • Income & Expense

MD’s Report for Committee meeting 14/05/2024

Please accept my apologies for being unable to attend the meeting this month. I have a commitment today that I can neither move nor break.

The choir gave a good account of itself at the Concert at the South Kent Community Church, despite the venue being, to my complete surprise, acoustically ‘dead’ and giving very little back to the performers. I received some very positive feedback after the concert, which was very gratifying. There were about 100 people in the audience, many of whom were loyal Snowdown supporters – thank you to all of them, and the concert raised over £1000 for the charity involved. The format of inviting ‘guest artists’ worked extremely well, with both the school ensembles giving great performances. George Styles gave another super performance on the ‘cello.

The contingent who took part in the RAH Welsh Association of Male Voice Choirs concert did very well indeed and gave confident performances wherever they were in the choir. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and would like to thank all the members who took part for inviting me and Charlotte to the concert(apologies to Graham Manley for the ticket cock-up). I am very pleased to hear that the chorister who were unwell on the day has fully recovered and commiserate with them that they lost the opportunity to take part in the occasion.

We started work to prepare for our next concert on 18th May at the White Cliffs Theatre. Unfortunately, this concert has had to be postponed because of lack of ticket sales.

However, this does give an opportunity to tackle some new music for our repertoire and for the concert on 15thJune at Alkham church. This will be a fundraiser for the choir and hopefully will give the choir finances a much-needed boost. Therefore we have begun to learn/re-learn in some cases ‘The Sound of Silence, arranged by Gwyn Arch. We have also started work on and arrangement of Linden Lea, which is a real challenge, but, I believe, well within the capabilities of the choir. We are gradually expanding our repertoire from the dark days of 2023.

In general terms I believe the choir is substantially better than this time last year. There is a confidence and joy in the singing which is most uplifting. I particularly enjoyed the rehearsal on 7th May, despite us being few because of the Bank Holiday.

As I mentioned at the last meeting, I do have one example of each item that the librarian holds for us and I will be reintroducing some of them into the repertoire, but I think that it is important to ensure that our repertoire is relevant to our audience. I am pleased that the choir still sings some of the repertoire in Welsh, but we should remember that we need to appeal to younger folk if we are going to entice them to join us. There is so much fantastic music available which we ignore at our peril. One of our current favourites, O, Love’ is only in the repertoire because we hear other choirs perform it.

With that in mind, I would ask that the committee re-examines my request for some funds to be spent on new music. We have plenty that we can fall back on, but we need new, contemporary music to keep our repertoire fresh and relevant for today’s audiences.

Current WP header is: 2000 x 1200

Our the graphics we use the ones we want?
Do we have the files so we can protect them somewhere as “masters”

Are we ready for the future….? e.g. 100th Anniversary…. We don’t to be touting all our merch, and then change our logos and have tout different Merch…

So having some consistent branding is a choice.   At least be aware, that if we do nothing we are saying we are god for the next 3 years..

Thing like Sweater logos…    Does it just stop at clothes?
and then what about the badge below… Is it also our official logo…?

Do you want it to be?



Plus FYI I did some sample designs just for fun when I ordered the biz cards…

Just for ideas… but in general, I need branding to be set for couple years before even considering any products…

And T-shirts may be cool to get in bulk, if we have cheap suppler. So I do think we should consider taking a vendor for a spin on that…  

Remember T-Shirt is just a shirt plus our logo.  It Ian;t rocket science, so getting Bill Rafferty on the loop on that would be good…

Anyway FYI


Appendix A: Resources for beginners

What’s here.

  • Presentations for beginners
    • Singer Recruitment (x1)
    • Concert Planning (x2)

1. Enhance Your Choir with New Singers:

The Chorus Connection has some excellent resources….  (And this one I cannot resist sharing based on recent discussions) Feedback welcome…  Any ideas within for us?
The Ultimate Guide to Singer Recruitment

    • Discover innovative strategies for recruiting new singers to your choir with insights from the Chorus Connection’s “Ultimate Guide to Singer Recruitment.”
    • Uncover valuable tips and techniques to attract fresh talent and expand your choir community.
    • Explore proven methods for engaging prospective singers and fostering a welcoming environment within your choir.

2. Plan Memorable Choir Concerts with Ease:

    • Simplify the concert planning process and elevate your performances with guidance from the Chorus Connection’s “Definitive Concert Planning Guide.”
    • Learn essential steps and best practices for organising successful choir concerts, from venue selection to repertoire planning.
    • Access practical resources and expert advice to streamline your concert planning efforts and deliver unforgettable musical experiences.

The Definitive Concert Planning Checklist for Community Choruses

The above file is part of a blog article from the Chorus Connection. The Essential Considerations of a Concert Production Plan For Choruses

Once opened, you can tick boxes we feel we are experts at… and after you are done… what boxes do we need help on?  There is our opportunity, knowing what don’t know is still a great thing.   Do any of those involve technology?  Not a problem, ask.


Ontario Choirs Article – “How to Organise a Concert”

3. Optimize Your Concert Planning Approach:

  • Utilize a comprehensive checklist from Ontario Choirs article.
  • Ken Spencer used it end-to-end to help him plan Alkham 2023. 
  • Choirs Ontario’s helps foster inclusive and vibrant choral communities.

Ontario has 1.9 million active choristers…  But I am still looking for UK resources for us to tap.… is there an equivalent community?   e.g. British Choirs on the Net has 4,100 choirs in their master list and we are not on it.  (All we need to do is tell them we are exist… Shall we…?)  (


FYI:   Ken Spencer updated Alkham package from last year, here is a sample for review….   

Alkham Choir Demo Pack v3 (Final)]

"The Idea Store" for browsing

Here is a “starter set” of ideas

  • Some ideas you’ll like; Others, you won’t care;
  • Some will seem simple to some confusing to others…

Not a problem. Ideas have to “percolate” somewhere…

And to do things, we need to  way to manage projects & people (“Tiger teams”)

A quote from the Hunt for Red October: “The Russians don’t take a dump, son, without a plan.”

Committee and Support Contacts


1st and 2nd Tenor Contacts
Bass and Baritone Contacts
Forgive the quality for now, I took a quick photo of Al’s paper, so I could read the print, so it is a bit fuzzy but usable… Note from Harlan:  In February, I put three documents on this page (Appendix A) on Recruitment & Running Concert…
  • Has anyone looked at them… ;there must be things to learn…
  • Ideas from “experts” outside avoids tunnel vision from “us” inside.

What is a *Tiger Team…?
*not a formal thing, a collaborative thing to try,

I don’t know, but doesn’t it sound cool?  But it was a name given to a project team for something called ’90s Now in 1988 at my old company, and it set out to change the bank operations in major ways..  It did, 30 years later State Street is still a world leader…. “ggggrrrrrreat.”

What is the Tiger Team remit…

  • Use Technology to communicate and collaborate in exciting and fun ways.
  • Get Harlan to help you make a project plan… (it could be 1 page long or 100… hopefully a couple pages for a project concisely written, like our concert plans.)

Our mantra as noted by Peter Cosier statement…
“If Carlsberg made a Male Voice Choir, would be Snowdown.”
 If we fall short of that goal, it is still a win in our quest.

Who is in the Tiger Team? (other than just motivated kick-ass people..…).

  • The Voice Leads….  as symbolic leaders of each section… when they agree to do things, then can push it down the line… like a “voluntary” chain of command
  • IT support – Harlan can help with set-up of Video meetings
    • on Google meet-me to last no longer than one hour.  (It’s enough & free.)
    • Anyone can join in, for a brainstorm, demonstration, show & tell of ideas.
    • Actions are decided, or proposed to the committee at the monthly meeting
    • The Tiger team can proceed to do the work….

Who will lead?

We have some extraordinary individuals in this choir…. Much more I am sure than meets the eye….  And wisdom across the board… and hopefully we like each other….

Some may be experienced or natural leaders in the world of getting things done.  (No pressure.)  Others may bring passion and drive to make their mark as well… if we set worthwhile vision, we can set up goals met by mini-projects.   Get your volunteers per mini-project. And we should try to document what we do.  We can see what happens.. (Look up “Kanban board…” we need one to help us)

As an add-on to the committee approach with formal meetings once a month, Tiger Teams when they feel they need or want to meet.

  • Nimble project based meetings as be one-offs or part of an ongoing saga.
  • It can help provide a roadmap (detailed suggestions) to the committee for things we really want to do…
  • Mostly, they should be rewarding to every person that attends…  (via knowledge, satisfaction, or the appreciation of the membership, maybe a few laughs.)

Tiger Teams are not meant to be a formal thing, it will be a voluntary fun thing…

  • A way to collaborate and create ways of thinking or doing thing for the choir…
  • All join in, or just a few, but all will know what’s being worked on via the Kansan board.
  • We will store a lot of information on One Note… like a book of whiteboards, 
  • Minimal Admin – Take Notes live and collaboratively
  • The best ideas will rise to the type like Cornish cream… and then we can act on them.

What would a typical meeting look like….?

Examples of Tiger Team Sessions below…. (up to 50 could join…) to demo things that are there for you.

  1. Audio Practice – What it is?  Warts and all…. And any ideas to evolve it.
    • They are actual alternatives that are cheap and fully-licensed… (~£2 / chorister per year.)
    • If we create our own content, I don’t think licensing is an issue…
    • For now, it is a work-around to help…. And it is very flexible.
    • So let’s figure out if status quo is great, or options. 
  2. Member web page demo is loaded and simple…  –  Maybe show people how to use it… “Is it as simple as I think it is…?”
  3. Committee web page demo – “ditto”
  4. Tricks to Master a song in Welsh….
    1. Ways to learn pronunciation that can help
    2. Practice lyrics alone or in a group.
  5. Tips and tricks to organising your Concert..
    1. Checklist
    2. Learn for experience of others
    3. Work with the Concert Secretary.  (Soon to be Al Polden)
  6. Single Song Workshops…. Mini-Practice Session related to a single song.

Etc., Etc .

Mini-Project meetings to collaborate with almost no admin.

OneNote to taking notes via OneNote for the web

  • Take notes in real-time and together:  Link on “how” per Microsoft
  • After others open the notebook, anyone with permissions can add meeting notes — all at the same time as you.
  • OneNote syncs automatically and everyone’s notes will show up.
  • At the end of a meeting, everyone is literally on the same page.

Snowdown Tiger Team – Google Meet-Me (1-to-1’s or in groups)


Certainly! Let’s explore the four traits—Practical, Creative, Teaching, and Friendliness—and associate them with different tiger subspecies: 

  1. Practical: 
    • The Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) embodies practicality: 
      • Adaptability: Bengal tigers thrive in diverse habitats, from dense forests to grasslands. Their adaptability is practical for survival. 
      • Resourcefulness: They are skilled hunters, using stealth and intelligence to catch prey efficiently. Practicality lies in energy conservation. 
      • Territorial Management: Marking territories and avoiding unnecessary conflicts is a practical strategy for survival. 
  2. Creative: 
    • The Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) represents creativity: 
      • Rainforest Canopy: High above the forest floor, the Sumatran tiger weaves its way through dense foliage, creating a living tapestry. 
      • Whispers of Leaves: Rustling leaves tell stories of ancient spirits and hidden treasures—their creativity etched into the green canvas. 
      • Eyes of Wisdom: Amber eyes hold the wisdom of a disappearing world—the urgency to protect its home is its creative plea. 
  3. Teaching: 
    • The Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) takes on the role of a teacher: 
      • Silent Symphony: As it moves through the snow-covered landscape, it teaches patience and resilience—a lesson in survival. 
      • Frozen Dreams: Its eyes hold secrets—the dreams of a thousand snowy nights. Perhaps it teaches us to appreciate the quiet beauty of winter. 
  4. Friendliness: 
    • The Malayan Tiger (Panthera tigris jacksoni) symbolizes friendliness: 
      • Smaller Population: Like a close-knit community, Malayan tigers rely on cooperation. Their friendliness lies in their interconnectedness. 
      • Conservation Efforts: They remind us that friendship extends beyond species. Protecting their habitat is a friendly gesture toward all life. 

Remember, these associations are metaphorical, but they highlight the diverse roles tigers play in our world. Each subspecies contributes uniquely to our understanding of nature. 🌿🐅 

If you have more thoughts or questions, feel free to share them! 😊 

Source: Conversation with Bing, 14/05/2024 


As tech advisor, I worked with the MD & non-techie choristers to give you (hopefully)  a simple, safer way to access our files.

While member information is easier to share, some Committee folders are linked to specific roles with Committee reading pretty much all, the secretary & officers need to edit their documents. So we have set things up using common-sense security yet still allowing efficient collaboration.

Member Folders:

    • “Public”: Read (view-only) access to general info, open to all.
    • “Member Info”: Read access to choir info, but organised better

….and turning things “up a notch”

Committee & Officer Security:

    • “Committee”: Read access up to Level 2 for committee members.
    • “Officers Restricted”: Read access for committee, but officers also able to update their info.

Examples:  Typical folders use by committee provided, below.

    • “Secretary folder”: Can edit meeting minutes, agendas, PR/marketing materials & branding documents.
    • “Treasurer folder”: financial records & related documents.
    • “Concert Secretary folder”: concert planning & PR/marketing materials.
    • “Any Other Access”: can be tailored to any specific role

A simple picture on how organisations manage documents.

  “Everyone”  (Level 0)       ==>       Member Information           ====>            “Groups”                =======>  “Admin” (Level 3)
“The Public”  ====>          ====>      Member.   ====>             ====>   Committee, Role, Special            ====>  Webmaster.